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Assignments… taking over…

My Marketing Assignment 2 is due today and after a hectic weekend I have managed to complete it ready for posting. I have also started on the Networks and Distributed Systems Report on Virtualization and VPNs. This report is interesting from th standpoint that I was only just reading up on Virtualization on Blades as an option for one of the Sites up North, one of the people I met at training was discussing this as an option for his server setup.

Virtualization provides some interesting benefits and disadvantages that I had not at first examined. I also was not aware of the many different levels of Virtualization available, from Operating Systems to Virtual Storage solutions. This has been an eye opener.

On NGDN, we have delayed some business meetings for a few weeks, but have made some progress on design elements and launch direction.  Once this business meeting has been conducted we can formalise the business in writing. When we have a formal agreement on how to structure the business we will be in a position to work on development with some confidence that the Site will not crumble due to creative difference or idea theft. So a few more weeks before we get a Lawyers eye view of the business relationship.

Cheers, Chris.