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by on May.06, 2007, under NGDN

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So after all the technology work that has gone into the last few months it has come to the point where Andrew and I (and Thomas was present, though fairly mute) got together to discuss building the NGDN site on a serious level. At this point a lot of things were thrown out, and the decision came down to building the core of the site from scratch rather than using existing CMS software.

At this point we are beginning to prototype different UI Layouts, building a feature list, and structuring development of core features. The obvious first feature is the User Profile Manager, which is core to the entire site. I shouldn’t need to go into any real detail with this as everybody should be used to interacting with User Profile Manager (or a User Login Manager). The other major feature that the site will rely heavily upon is Team Management. This site is about teams working and communicating together, and as such this becomes the bigest feature to add to the site.

There is at least one technology that is not going to be abandoned, simply because it is a core piece of software for the growth and use of the site. This I will leave to divulge more about later. The other interesting Technical note though is that we are seriously looking at developing in Ruby, so this will be a steep learning curve for me as I have had the barest glimpses of Ruby in the past.

Additionally we are looking at some of the other people who may be interested in joining the project who were present during the initial discussions. This project requires active support, which may be an issue due to time restrictions placed on some people, myself included.

I will now try and spend some time designing User Management and Team Management, as these seem to be the major foundations of the entire content of the site. In the meantime we will also be working on the Prototypes some more to determine the orientation of the content on the site. I will be focusing some time on learning Ruby as well during this period, which should be quite difficult given my current study schedule.

Cheers, Chris.

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