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Back Behind the Keyboard

by on Jul.20, 2009, under Home, Scripting, Study, Uni, Work

It has again been some time since my last update. I have been quite busy getting used to balancing my new life with my daughter now nearly 3 months old. Fatherhood has obviously taken a lot of my time that I previously used for development, and learning.

The past few months have also seen my University Graduation 3 days after my Daughters Birth, Family Visits, Job Applications, Job Interviews, and finally Permanency in my Servers Position.

Aside from that I have been working with some friends on converting the old TA Server to the C# .Net/Python version (PyTA). I have also been busy in mapping out my development goals and objectives for the coming months and years.

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Double Trouble

by on Aug.19, 2007, under Uni

I am grappling with two assignments this weekend, CIS2003 (ASP.Net/Web Development) and CIS3006 (Business Project). For CIS2003 I am comparing a number of Websites for purchasing products online, and examining the ordering system for each. The task is to get us to identify what we like and dislike about different sites in order that we can implement them into our system as part of Assignment 2. As I intend to be developing an Online Book Store for Assignment 2 I have decided to Analyse Book Stores. The few I have had a look at are the USQ Bookshop, Dymocks, Angus & Robertson and Amazon.com.

Out of these websites I like Dymocks the most, though here are the improvements I would have for the design of the site and the ordering system: (continue reading…)

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by on Aug.13, 2007, under Uni

I have titled my Business Project; Athenaeum. This name took about two minutes to find by looking in a Thesaurus for the word Library. I spent hours last night working on the project, and trying out a few Visual Studio 2005 features that I hadn’t previously had the chance to look at.

I have set up a Data Store and  have it saving to an XML Memory Stream and GZipping that to a File. I am working on using the GZip stream to create my own Zipped folder type to store all my data files. As of 3am I have the stream working in preliminary testing, so now I just need to add a few more Get functions and test it using some live data.

The First Project Report has been Posted Today. I think I could have this entire project completed within the next 4 weeks, well ahead of schedule.

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Project Work

by on Aug.12, 2007, under Uni

I have been kept busy a bit with Assignments over the last couple of weeks. Work has commenced on the Uni project for CIS3006 (Business Computing Project) which I have titled Athenaeum, as it is a Library Cataloguing system. I figure that entire project should only take a short period of time, however, the excessive reporting that is required in this course is more than doubling my workload.

I have also done the first Assignment, which was an Online Test, for CIS3008 (Systems Planning and Management). Worth 5%, I have picked up 4.5% of my result already. I have started work on the modules for CIS2003 (Component Based Software Development – basically ASP.Net), and installed the software and started looking through the modules for CIS3007 (Enterprise Systems Development and Architecture – Basically J2EE development).

Today I also installed Novell Netware 6.5 on my old AMD K6-2 333MHz. This is in order to study up and take the first of the CNA exams. I have put off doing the exam for too long since the training and I have started to lose some of the information, so need to refresh myself with how the whole system works. At times like this I am annoyed I don’t have either more computers, or a powerful enough PC to virtualize server and clients.

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Semester 2

by on Jul.10, 2007, under NGDN, Uni

Semester 2 is about to begin, I have recieved my study materials and have taken a good look at the Business Computing Project (CIS3006). The provided project is building a library system that allows students and teachers to hire out books, CD’s, Videos, and related materials. During Semester 1 I did some Library software as part of another assignment, and this may be a basis for development. This will require more Database wrangling than previously, or may be more useful as a Web Application hosted off my site.

The NGDN meeting went well on Sunday and we covered a lot of business related topics about the structure and depth of our agreement. This gives us an idea of where we all stand on issues related to the business. Andrew will take this to his uncle and then we will come back with a more structured business agreement.

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Exams are Over

by on Jun.29, 2007, under Home, Uni

Well, I have finally finished up all my exams, now I have to sit and wait until the 13th of July in order to receive my results. Now I have to get on with fixing up my house. The driveway has a trench dug through it, and has had for the last few weeks, but I am at a loss for time to get out and finish it. It has been raining every day that I have had off, and I have been beset by other issues.

When I first had time to continue the trench and it started raining, there was an issue with a cracked tile on the roof, so I was forced to try and fix that as best as I could in the interim to stop the rain pouring in. I have also been working on replacing all the locks, doorknobs and dead-bolts in the house to secure everything up, and replace old and worn out ones. The back-door door-knob was the first to go, as it kept “pulling out” and required a fair bit of coaxing to get back into place. My brother-in-law came over during my exam week with 3 exams to cut down some trees that are now declared pests. He has since been attempting to mulch the branches so we can take the unneeded stuff to the tip.

The fact that it is raining so much has not bothered me overly, as we are in a drought and the extra rain is going to be well appreciated by the masses. It is merely annoying that I can get almost nothing done that needs to be done considering how cold, dark and wet it is outside all of the time.

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Assignments… taking over…

by on May.21, 2007, under NGDN, Uni

My Marketing Assignment 2 is due today and after a hectic weekend I have managed to complete it ready for posting. I have also started on the Networks and Distributed Systems Report on Virtualization and VPNs. This report is interesting from th standpoint that I was only just reading up on Virtualization on Blades as an option for one of the Sites up North, one of the people I met at training was discussing this as an option for his server setup.

Virtualization provides some interesting benefits and disadvantages that I had not at first examined. I also was not aware of the many different levels of Virtualization available, from Operating Systems to Virtual Storage solutions. This has been an eye opener.

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Networks and Distributed Systems

by on May.01, 2007, under Uni

I have just completed Assignment 1 for Networks and Distributed Systems, a third year class I am doing at the USQ. The assignment consisted of researching different Wireless Technology and their appropriate uses.

I am actually quite fascinated as to how many different technologies, or emerging technogies, there actually are. The Report covered a scope from Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) up through WLAN, WMAN, and WWAN. It has been quite useful for me in understanding the differences between Wi-Fi and WiMAX, and also the potential emergence of Mobile-Fi.

Now that this assignment is done, I have to finish Business Systems Analysis, Design and Implementation Assignment 1 which is due on Thursday. This is going to be one of those sleep deprived weeks :/

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