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AutoStore Script

by on Mar.30, 2008, under Novell, Scripting, Training, Work

It has been a while since the last update, and that is due to a number of factors:

  • Firstly being Family Reasons, I have been given the ultimatum that I spend far too much time on the Computer and not enough with my Family, which I am attempting to rectify.
  • Secondly being Workload, as I have been putting in a fair bit of effort at work, and have been exhausted when returning home.
  • Study has required a fair bit of time as well, as I am attempting to finish off some of those exams I have neglected for far too long
  • Job Applications has taken up time outside of work, as I am busy attempting to better my circumstances due to some positions opening up at my current employer. I have had to cobble together an Application, and am now attempting to get things together for potential interviews.
  • Projects and ideas have been coming more frequently of late, as it starts to hit that time of the year (Autumn for me) where I get inspiration and motivation to complete things, so I have been documenting some of these ideas and inspirations and will be endeavoring to get some project work done soon.

So at work I have been involved in a few Scripting Enterprises. The most recent being the AutoStore script. This script effectively checks the age of a Stored Image on the computer, and makes a decision on whether to Store a new Image to replace it. The Image in question is a PowerQuest (yeah, I know that Symantec bought them, and its old tech, but for some reason we are still using it. I hear rumours of Ghost being on the Horizon though) . (continue reading…)

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USB Drive Letter Fix

by on Nov.26, 2007, under Novell, Scripting, Work

The USB Drive Letter Fix Files have been uploaded, and have been linked to in the original “Still Scripting” blog. If you missed these files before, here they are again:

ListDrives.vbs and FixUSBDrives.vbs.

Cheers, Chris.

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Still Scripting

by on Nov.09, 2007, under Novell, Scripting, Work

Well, I have been busy with a few things, like learning how to set up Dynamic Distribution Groups in eDirectory, and in order to facillitate this I have had to push for some iManager access at work (which I do have, but there are some roles that I need to have assigned… which nobody seems to know how to sort out).

In the mean time I have busied myself with an intriguing problem. USB Drive letters. As we are all probably aware, USB drives, when connected to a PC, take the next available drive letter. Unfortunately, the next available drive letter does not take into account Mapped Network Drives. This is an issue when running in a Network Environment because

  1. The Network Drive is visible, while the USB Drive is hidden.
  2. On restart (or remapping), the USB Drive will be visible, but the Network Mapping will fail.
  3. Once a USB drive has taken a letter, it will keep that letter until it is changed, or another Drive takes that letter.

(continue reading…)

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Scripting for Novell

by on Sep.09, 2007, under LDAP, Novell, Scripting, Work

I have had a bit of time to try some new scripting with Novell, mainly for use with my Security Auditing Tool. Some of this information I have not been able to find out on the ‘net and as such decided to post up here so that others may benefit from using this information. Basically this lot of scripting will cover getting the Server Name that hosts a volume within a cluster. Each of the Volumes in the Cluster has its own Server object in eDirectory such that the server name is SITE-CL1_SC_DATA5_SERVER or similar. The first thing we need to do is translate the Drive Letter to a Server and Volume Name:

(continue reading…)

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