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Network Interface Removal and Renaming

by on Dec.09, 2012, under Drivers, Scripting, Tweet, Work

So we had some Blade Chassis and implemented some Firmware upgrades. Surely this should not impact the blades themselves, or the OS on which they run? You’ve got to be kidding right. As soon as the Blade Chassis firmware has been upgraded we lost all four Broadcom NICs, and we had four new Broadcom NICs added in their place. This means that any IP Configuration has been lost and so has, in our case, Team configuration. Due to the four original NICs being removed, their Connection Names have also become unusable, because there are hidden devices that are still using those names.

Firstly, how do we remove devices via PowerShell. The Answer can be found on any Windows 7 workstation in the C:\Windows\Diagnostics\System\Device\CL_Utility.ps1. There is a function there called RemoveDevice.

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Dwarfsoft: Outside

by on Dec.11, 2007, under Crash, Drivers, Dwarfsoft: Outside, Home, Laptop, Outside

For some of you who know me through some of the other communication mediums I have used, you may be aware that I operate in the same circles as Andrew Russell, who decided sometime late last year (or early this year) to experiment with Coding Outside. Taking a laptop out into the big wide world of interruption, sunshine, and all manner of other things that most nerds avoid.

To get to the point, I have decided to take up where Andrew left off. Having just purchased myself a relatively inexpensive laptop, I find myself now unshackled from the desktop (as I write to you from my bed).  Now, this post is not so much to introduce the Dwarfsoft: Outside undertaking so much as to write down a few gripes I have had with this laptop, and getting to the point that I find myself at now.

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