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More GTD-PHP Work

by on Aug.20, 2009, under Authoring, Scripting, Tweet

I have updated my GTD-PHP Email Import Addon so that it now integrates with the current Subversion revision of the code. There is one bug left in it, in that it will not check that there is a mail server set before it tries to connect. I find that this error occurs the first time the session is established with the server, and from then on it works fine. By performing an error check against $server = “” I should be able to remove that bug as well.

The updated EmailImport Addon is now available for download from the GTD-PHP Trac wiki.

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by on Feb.26, 2009, under Authoring, Game Development

It seems that the idea of microgames and progressive development is a little in vogue at the moment. Andrew Russell, a long time friend and colleague from the early GameDev.Net and Tiberia days, has embarked on a game development project where he is seeking to develop a game every two weeks, and produce reusable components of each to ease into the development of the next. The Origin of Sketchable explains in a little more detail how he is attempting to achieve this. Strangely enough, he is already in a race against Trapper Zoid who is working on a project called The Lab.

As it turns out, this is an idea I was contemplating starting as well. My release intervals would have to be significantly longer, however, as I am incapable of committing a lot of time due to my hectic schedule of Work and Wife. The idea I was considering was to do with the book mentioned in the last post. By developing games and documenting the entire process from start to finish, it would help aspiring young developers understand the trials and tribulations of making even the simplest of games, and how much can be learned and applied to future developments. There are a few concepts I am looking forward to exploring, such as some advanced scripting in games, as I have been re-reading the Dragon Book gleaning a lot of things about language design that could be useful, as well as my general scripting experience in a variety of languages.

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