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More GTD-PHP Work

by on Aug.20, 2009, under Authoring, Scripting, Tweet

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I have updated my GTD-PHP Email Import Addon so that it now integrates with the current Subversion revision of the code. There is one bug left in it, in that it will not check that there is a mail server set before it tries to connect. I find that this error occurs the first time the session is established with the server, and from then on it works fine. By performing an error check against $server = “” I should be able to remove that bug as well.

The updated EmailImport Addon is now available for download from the GTD-PHP Trac wiki.

I have since moved on to the next most important feature on my personal list of Enhancements (yes, before I fix my known bug in the previous one). I want to be able to have a scheduled email sent every morning with a report on what Actions are overdue, what actions are due today and a rundown on the coming actions in the next week. Additionally this report should contain information on Project deadlines of note (overdue, due and coming). Another report I want is to be able to have the weekly review report emailed weekly to myself (at my work and home email addresses).

To achieve this I have been looking in to using php scripts to create cron jobs on the host system (or schtasks jobs if on a WAMP server for example). I have most of the information required to achieve this now. Once I have implemented a scheduled tasks manager from within GTD-PHP I will then build a custom report builder, which will then be enhanced by the emailer. In all, three addons become interlocked for completing this next feature.

If I didn’t have GTD-PHP (and therefore wasn’t following the GTD methodology) to manage all my projects I probably would not be in the position of even being capable of extending any project (I am busier now than ever, but I have more control over my time than ever before). By completing the Addons in my list I will have so much better control over my time and be in a perfect position to achieve some Zen in my life :).

Just so you get some perspective, when I first set up GTD-PHP I added a lot of actions, and immediately closed them. Those statistics had me max at about 30 items in a week. Currently this week I have closed 75 items, and the week isn’t over. Most of these items have been self imposed actions for me to develop, research, repair, investigate, or whatever. I have given myself more work than at the start, and I have more time off now to blog about it (yet another action) than I have ever had previously.

I thoroughly encourage everybody to look into David Allens Getting Things Done. Worked wonders for me 🙂

Cheers, Chris.

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