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GTD-PHP Import from POP3 Mail

by on Aug.04, 2009, under Home, Scripting, Tweet

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I have been attempting to get a fully working system set up for David Allens Getting Things Done. To this end I have set up an install of GTD-PHP.

Being the kind of person who likes to adapt, change, and implement better solutions, particularly for myself, I created a list of features I would like to see in my GTD-PHP installation. One of the first problems I had with the existing system was that it does not support importing Inbox items from a real mail Inbox.

I did some research and came across an existing mail importer, however this required directly piping mail from SMTP into the php script, which I could not do on my host (or would prefer not to do).

I decided to build my own POP3 Importer of Inbox items and decided to learn PHP and imap_open. I built it as an addon to GTD-PHP that could be called to do an import, however I am still going to extend it so that in the GTD-PHP header additional headers can be called (ones that identify if new items have been added to an Inbox so I can get feedback of when somebody mails into that account).

//Script to insert e-mails into GTD-PHP inbox.
//These are loaded from a pop3 account
//The account info and other options are configured in the config.php file
//        "link"=>"addons/pop3inbox/import.php",
//        'title'=>"Import POP3 Mail", 'label'=>"Import Inbox",
//        'where'=>'item.php?type=i','when'=>'after',
//        'options'=>array("user"   => 'gtduser',
//                         "pass"   => 'gtdpass',
//                         "server" => 'mail.server.com',
//                         "port"   => '995',
//                         "type"   => '/pop3/ssl/novalidate-cert',
//                         "delete" => true)
//                         );
//Subject becomes title
//From & Body becomes description
$title='Import POP3 Inbox';
include_once 'header.php';
$msoptions = $addon['options'];
$imap = imap_open("{".$msoptions['server'].":".$msoptions['port'].$msoptions['type']."}INBOX", $msoptions['user'], $msoptions['pass']);
if (!$imap) {
} else {
  $num_msg = imap_num_msg($imap);
  echo "importing ".$num_msg." messages<br>";
  echo "<div class='success'>\n";
  for ($i = $num_msg; $i > 0; $i--)
    // empty vars
    $from = "";
    $subject = "";
    $headers = "";
    $message = "";
    $header = imap_headerinfo($imap, $i, 80, 80);
    $from = $header->fromaddress;
    $subject = $header->fetchsubject;
    $date    = date('YmdHis', $header->udate);
    $message=imap_body($imap, $i);
    $message="From: ".$from."\n\n".$message;
    mysql_query("INSERT INTO `".$config['prefix']."items` ( `itemId` , `title` , `description` , `desiredOutcome` )VALUES (NULL , '$subject', '$message', NULL);");
  mysql_query("INSERT INTO `".$config['prefix']."itemstatus` (`itemId`, `dateCreated`, `lastModified`, `dateCompleted`) VALUES (NULL, '".date($config["datemask"])."', NOW(), NULL);");
    mysql_query("INSERT INTO `".$config['prefix']."itemattributes` ( `itemId` , `type` , `isSomeday` , `categoryId` , `contextId` , `timeframeId` , `deadline` , `repeat` , `suppress` , `suppressUntil` )VALUES (NULL , 'i', 'n', '0', '0', '0', NULL , '0', 'n', NULL);");
    echo "Imported '".stripslashes(escapeChars($subject)),"' into Inbox<br />\n";
    if ($msoptions['delete'])
      imap_delete($imap, $i);
  echo "</div>";
  if ($msoptions['delete'])
include_once 'footer.php';

Works pretty well at this point. Though I am having problems getting mail into that POP3 account. Will have to work further on that today 🙂

Cheers, Chris.

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