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by on Jul.20, 2009, under Home, Scripting, Study, Uni, Work

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It has again been some time since my last update. I have been quite busy getting used to balancing my new life with my daughter now nearly 3 months old. Fatherhood has obviously taken a lot of my time that I previously used for development, and learning.

The past few months have also seen my University Graduation 3 days after my Daughters Birth, Family Visits, Job Applications, Job Interviews, and finally Permanency in my Servers Position.

Aside from that I have been working with some friends on converting the old TA Server to the C# .Net/Python version (PyTA). I have also been busy in mapping out my development goals and objectives for the coming months and years.

David Allens Getting Things Done

David Allens Getting Things Done

In order to better manage my time and my priorities I have been implementing and reviewing David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”, and have been operating my own install of GTD-PHP. I have been using this to manage all aspects of my life, from professional to personal projects. This has allowed me a lot greater control of my personal and professional life and allowed me to manage my time far more effectively than ever before. Currently in this system I am managing 100 Active Projects, 44 Someday/Maybe Projects, and within those I have currently 147 Actions within those. I am still in the process of determining Next actions for some of these projects, but at least having visibility of all these things I need to do has given me greater control of managing the most important of these. Most of the projects without next actions are someday/maybe projects, and the others that are not could be put in someday/maybe until such time as I have time to process their next actions. I definitely encourage anybody to try this method of organisation, time management, prioritisation because it has helped me to lower my stress and be able to switch off from work when I get home. Just note that it does tend to increase the likelihood of adding more projects to your list than you started out doing ;).

Aside from this I have been attempting to build an Application Audit script at work that will pull the NAL objects from our system through LDAP. I have started coding this type of script now as a class which is in a .vbs file and then for implementing its use I have started using .wsf files to include and execute the required code. This adds to the usability of my existing code and makes my code far more acccessible for reuse in other applications. I had already started writing these types of classes before for my Ini File Handler, but previously I had been including the VBScript files internally using a manual Include function:

Function Include(vbsFile)
   Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
   If fso.FileExists(vbsFile) Then
      Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(vbsFile)
      s = f.ReadAll()
      ExecuteGlobal s
   End If
End Function

The .wsf include method is so much cleaner:

<script language="VBScript" src="Applications.vbs"/>

When I have managed to get my projects and actions further under control I will have to provide updates. I have some plans for the XNA in a Day series which I started with breakout, but that is some way off. I am also planning on overhauling some of my previous projects and actually actioning them.

Cheers, Chris.

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